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Neuro-axiological Cognitive Remodeling Technology
(NCRT) and the VQ Assessment

be part of your professional toolset?

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Would it be helpful to have a powerful, cutting-edge, science-based tool for quickly engaging more clients?

Would it be helpful if, in your very FIRST SESSION, you could know more about ..

  • how your client actually THINKS,
  • why they do what they do,
  • why they have the challenges they have,
  • and how you can better help them

 .. than you would typically know after several months of working with them?

Would it make a difference if could you dramatically increase the speed with which your clients were thinking better, stressing less, making better decisions, working smarter, producing greater results, and living happier?

All of that can become your reality when you have NCRT and the Axiogenics® VQ Assessment in your tool bag.

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Neuro-axiological Cognitive Remodeling Technology ("NCRT") is a powerful cutting-edge, science-based process for unlocking, unleashing, and empowering human potential that can easily be integrated into most mainstream therapy or coaching methodologies. It works in conjunction with and requires the use of the Axiogenics VQ Assessment.

Average of 15 Minutes to Complete the HVPA “VQAssessment literally measures how a person currently thinks and the resources they have to think better. It is not a behavior or personality assessment nor is it a "self-report" questionnaire-style assessment. The online assessment takes an average of less than 15 minutes to complete and it has consistently been scientifically validated for over 50 years!

36 LensesOne way to understand a VQ Assessment is to imagine that people have 36 different pairs of eyeglasses and they are always wearing at least one pair. Each of these eyeglasses represents a unique perspective from which a person can think about things - any "thing." All of a person's 20-50 thousand thoughts in a day are filtered through one or a combination of these 36 perspectives/lenses. 

The lenses in some of these eyeglasses are crystal-clear; providing exceptional clarity and accuracy in the person's perceptions and judgments. Others may be less clear –  as if the lenses are smudged, tinted, or deformed – resulting in "colored" or distorted perceptions and judgments.

VQ SummaryEvery person has a set of these 36 “lenses.”  The "prescription" of any person's unique set of lenses is determined by all their life experiences to date. 

Of course, people are generally unaware that some of their lenses are distorted or tinted and, therefore, believe that how they perceive things is how things actually are. Yet, in reality, these misperceptions, misinterpretations, and misjudgments are often directly related to the very experiences, struggles, stresses, needs, and desires that have them coming to you to begin with.

A VQ Assessment measures both the quality and the influential nature of each of these 36 “lenses.” The composite of these 36 VQ measurements constitutes a person's VQ Profile-- their “Inner Operating System.”

A full VQ Development Report reveals how each perspective, as scored, is affecting (positively or negatively) their behaviors, choices, actions, reactions, interactions, emotional well-being, self-esteem, and ultimately, their relationships and quality of life.

A “Primary Operating Asset” is a perspective with a VQ Score (clarity) of 100%. When a person thinks about things using the “lenses” of their Primary Operating Assets, they are likely to make very good judgments and choices  and be in a more positive state of emotional well-being.

When the VQ score for a perspective is less than 100%, it is considered a “Potential Operating Liability.” When looking at things through the “lenses” of these perspectives, they are at risk of making errors in perception and judgment. As a result, they are liable to respond, react, make choices and decisions, and take actions that are less than optimal and potentially harmful to the quality of their life, relationships, work performance, self-image, and, potentially to others.

The lower the VQ score the more habituated (automatic) and dominant these liabilities tend to be, resulting in greater negative influence and sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. Quite often these liabilities are "blind-spots" that the person does not know they have.

Operating Liabilities:

are involved in virtually ALL of a person's struggles,

tend to be highly habituated,

tend to dominate the subconscious mind,

can have significant influence over the conscious mind.


Note: A VQ Assessment is not designed or intended to diagnose clinical medical or mental health conditions. It is a tool to help identify specific and prescriptive ways that an individual client/patient can make better use of their own cognitive assets to enhance cognitive acuity, functionality, and quality of life.

And that's just the beginning of what
a VQ Assessment with NCRT does.

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A VQ Development Report provides the information required to apply the principles and practices of NCRT -- a set of highly-effective mind-brain-value based principles and practices that help people "remodel" their own inner operating system.

NCRT is not about fixing liabilities or "weaknesses" -- it is about maximizing the strength and wisdom that the client/patient already has within their cognitive assets.

Inviting a person to "look at" or think about something differently (from a different perspective) is a technique that is common to virtually all coaching, counseling, training, and psychotherapeutic processes. WIth extraordinary speed and accuracy, a VQ assessment identifies exactly which perspective(s) an indivdual can use to gain the greatest amount clarity, insight, and wisdom (their Primary Operating Assets).

Centering QuestionsA key component of NCRT, is called a Centering Question. These carefully worded, prescriptive questions are scientifically determined by the assessment process. A full VQ Development Report contains the Centering Questions for each Primary Operating Asset (VQ =100%) within a person's VQ Profile.

Part of what a NCRT practitioner does is to teach clients how to use their Centering Questions to activate and leverage their Primary Operating Assets anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances. Proper use of one's Centering Quesitons produces a natural, near-instantaneous, and positive shift in the client's/patient's perceptions, cognition, and emotional well-being.

Simultaneously, this technique tends to eliminate, momentarily, the negative influences (mental, emotional, and physiological) of a person's cognitive liabilities. In those moments, the person literally sees things differently, more accurately, and from a place of greater freedom, power, wisdom, and well-being.

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With consistent deliberate practice, NCRT can permanently and measurably remodel (transform) the person's "inner operating system" into a healthier, more positive state.


High-VQ perspectives (Primary Operating Assets) are key to creating more rapid, positive, and sustainable improvements in any and every aspect of one's life that involves thinking. Which is just about everything! 

The NCRT practitioner's role (coach/therapist) is crucial for most clients. Some clients need help taking off their "lenses" long enough to become aware of just how much of a liability their liabilities are and how much these ways of thinking negatively influence their life/work.

An NCRT practitioner also helps the person "connect the dots" between what the assessment reveals and the things they say they want to improve in themselves and/or their life.

Of course creating and maintaining a high level of trust and accountability are also vital parts of the practitioner-client relationship. The scientific objectivity that NCRT and the VQ Assessment provides can be a tremendous help in establishing such a relationship.

With our practitioner training (usually about 18 hours and less than $1,500), you can easily integrate NCRT into your existing coaching, training, development,  counseling, or therapy methodologies.

VQ Assessments can also be used for:

Assessing an entire team or organization as part of a process for:

  • Understanding the culture as a composite of how team members think

  • Improving leadership effectiveness

  • Understanding Chronic Organizational Underperformance

Pre-employment or pre-promotion assessment.

Benchmarking the thinking qualities required for high-performance in a specific role, job, task, or position.

Helping partners and couples improve their relationship (even in the face of break-up).

No matter what goals, challenges, roles, positions, circumstances, or problems your client may have, NCRT could be a game-changer for you and your clients.

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More Benefits

Here are a few more benefits of becoming an Axiogenics NCRT practitioner...

  • Personalized URL and webpages where your prospects and/or clients/patients go to take the assessment.

  • The ability to have prospects take the assessment even before you meet with them for the first time. Then, for about $5, get /a brief introductory report ("First Steps Report") that you can use to turn them into paying clients/patients. We'll teach you how!

  • Regular on-going training and support webinars.

  • Access to a library of integrative coaching tools and materials for use with clients/patients and in your own personal growth.ICF CCE Logo

  • ICF Approved Training and Credits

  • Advanced training options for applying our technology to leadership and organizational development, executive and team coaching, cultural analysis and change, and hiring and promotion.

Test it Professionally - Experience it Personally!

No doubt you have some questions. You may be a bit skeptical and we don't blame you. You might even be wondering, 'If it's that good, why is this the first time I'm hearing about it?'

We promise to answer all of your concerns and questions-- even some you haven't thought of yet!

But first, to create a meaningful context for discussion and exploration, we want to give you a Complementary NCRT experience.

What you will experience isn't just a demo. From this experience you will come away with significant personal value (even if you don't take another step with us). We will give you some deep insights into your own cognitive assets and liabilities. We will teach you a very powerful NCRT technique (the use of some of your own Centering Questions) to help you make immediate improvements in your own life/work.  

This conversation will also provide a context for answering your questions and discussing how you can get trained in NCRT. 

Our next practitioner training is coming up very soon and seats are going fast. We limit each class to just 12 people to optimize the learning experience. So don't wait!


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